If you’re in the campervan/motorhome circles, then you might have heard of BritStops. It’s a system where companies, mostly Public Houses, but also a lot of Farm shops and Vinyards amongst others, allow you to wild camp in their car parks with the ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ that you’ll purchase some of their produce. Very handy if you’re travelling somewhere and just need an overnighter.

We did just that, with Ian & Emma’s wedding to attend in Falmouth, and not being to set off until after work on the Friday, we needed a place en route. Cue the BritStops book and FB Group. An e-mail to Lifton Farm Shop and Restaurant, just off the A30 in Devon, secured us a space in the car park for the night even though we were arriving after 10pm.

What greeted us the following morning, truly had to be seen to be believed, we had been watched over all night by a crowd of Minions and a couple of highland cows. But that’s not all, the smell of fresh bread being baked, ensured that nobody could resist the Hearty Farmers Breakfast that was being served. Two breakfasts, tea and coffee, and thats our ‘gentlemen’s agreement’ complete. Next stop Falmouth, but we’re B&Bing not camping, just hope the seagulls leave Earl alone.


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